Leala Hewak, DENIZEN 03, 2021

Preparing the trail for DENIZENS, 2021


OPENS 9/9/21 Kay Gardner Beltline Trail 

DENIZENS re-imagines abandoned 1950s fountains at Toronto’s Brentwood Towers apartments. This urban oasis even featured peacocks, embodying Le Corbusier’s tenant-centered “Towers-in-the-Park” ethos. Today’s sky-rocketing land values preclude such luxury. 

DENIZEN’s giant digital collages incorporate Hewak’s documentation of the fountains prior to their replacement by townhouses.  DENIZENS is a re-brand of tenant-focused Modernist ethos. 

Leala Hewak’s award-winning work has been featured in CONTACT Festival and exhibited internationally.

Leala Hewak, Clone, 2019

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